Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dan Horan of the "LGBT" Holy Name Province mocks the Eucharist

"Queering" the Church with Dan Horan, OFM 

Dan P. Horan OFM, is a nasty, vicious dissenter. A jet-setting, semi-professional marathoner (a very expensive undertaking for anyone who knows this sport), book writer and traveling public speaker, Horan does not live evangelical poverty, making a mockery of the true Franciscan life.  

As an advocate for homosexual perversion, Horan has distinguished himself by promoting the "gay culture". Horan now refers to Holy Matrimony as "different-sex marriage". This is just how evil he is: comparing homosexual acts to the holy Act proper to the Union between husband and wife, willed by Christ. 

When asked why he puts up photos of practicing homosexuals holding hands, Horan mocks the questioner with the ridiculous smear of "homophobia". 

Dan Horan mocking those who ask him why he promotes homosexuality 

Horan belongs to the homosexual-infested, US east-coast based, Holy Name Province, which has a long history of militant pro-homosexual dissent. The "friars" who run St. Francis of Assisi parish in NYC are particularly virulent in their promotion of homosexuality. Similar "LGBT" agitprop locations are in Boston and Hartford. If these so-called Franciscans are not decorating their churches in "rainbow" colours of the so-called "gay liberation movement"...

Franciscan Fr. Michael Carnevale triumphantly holding aloft the
gay "Rainbow Flag". WHY? 
...they are busy waving the "Rainbow Flag", accepting postulants who have written "gay" literature, sending their parishioners to notorious gay bars, and so on. For further information on the homosexual infiltration of Holy Name Province, please read here. 

It is within this evil and satanic environment, that Horan has just attacked the Real Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist. You should not be surprised. 

Friends, please recall the words of Fr. John O'Connor from nearly thirty years ago: "these homos despise our religion". 

Homosexuals entered the priesthood to destroy the Catholic Faith. Striking at the Eucharist and Catholic Morality (especially by promoting the "gay liberation movement") is at the core of their hatred of Christ and His Church. 

But the Truth will ALWAYS defeat evil. Behold Pope Benedict XVI. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Team Canada is out, but Don Cherry wins Gold!

Canadian patriot and hockey expert, Don Cherry, is a man who speaks his mind. Here we present Cherry's appearance at a Stanley Cup game, in of all places Los Angeles. 

Cherry calls it like it is regarding the city of "angels", which is anything but angelic.  

Filmed back in 1991, there was already an angry clamor from militant homosexuals to have Cherry fired from "Hockey Night in Canada". However, due to the enormous popularity Cherry enjoys with normal Canadians, even the pro-gay Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) had to back off. Another effort was undertaken a few years ago, but was stymied again by the reaction of decent Canadians defending Cherry.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

LA Religious Education Congress COMES OUT in favour of SODOMY

The infiltration of militant homosexuals into the Catholic priesthood is a most terrible punishment by God upon an unfaithful Church. The betrayal of Our Lord, in 1968, by most of the world's Hierarchies, on His beautiful teaching of the holiness and sanctity of the Marital Act, has led to the near total collapse of the Catholic Church. 

Joseph Sciambra, carries a report that a militant homosexual, Orlando Espin, will be lecturing at the LA Religious Congress. He will be but one of a number of practicing homosexuals who will be trying to hoist unnatural sexual practices on Catholics. 

How should we combat the horror, the EVIL of homosexual perversion? The most obvious way is to teach that the Marital Act is truly holy and offers sanctification. Not in the manner of deluded neo-gnostics and frauds such as Christopher West, but in the manner of the Church. For example, Archbishop Fulton Sheen. 

Let us now review what the Marital Act is and what it is not. 

The Marital Act, is not a mere natural good (akin to eating food, as civil lawyer Chris Ferrara, turned self-declared theologian, erroneously claims, trying to refute the bizarre ideas of Christopher West). Ferrara wrote:  "the physical act involved in reproduction (as distinguished from the soul infused at conception) can no more be holy than eating a good meal can be holy". 

Ferrara is of course absolutely wrong. (Incidentally, this man was permitted to affix his name to the so-called Letter of Correction sent to the Pope. Incredible). 

Placing Ferrara, and his errors to one side, let us review what a real theologian, Archbishop Fulton Sheen - following Our Lord Jesus Christ - teaches about the sanctity of the Marital Act. In doing so, we will understand how EVIL homosexual acts are.

So HOLY is the Marital Act that Our Lord raised Matrimony to that of a Sacrament. When Spouses are in the state of grace, and engage in acts proper to marriage as a sign of self-donation, and not out of lust which profanes the marriage bed, grace is exchanged between Spouses. So holy is the Marital Act that the use of contraception is a very, very grave mortal sin. 

"Unity of two in one flesh is not something that God tolerates, but something that He wills. He wills it, He sanctifies the couple through its use". 

(Sheen, Three to Get Married, Dell, pp. 118-119). 

The holy Archbishop underscores this again: 

"Sacramental grace is communicated in the marriage act" 

(Sheen, p.180). 

Now, we begin to understand the EVIL of men like James Martin S.J., Dan P Horan, OFM and other homosexualists (or homosexuals?) when they defend, excuse, obfuscate Our Lord's teachings on the sanctity of Marriage and the Marital Act. 

ONLY when Catholics truly understand and believe how HOLY the Marital Act is, will they UNDERSTAND how EVIL Homosexual acts are.

The Marital Act is not a mere physical act. It is not a mere natural act. That is the act of animals. The Marital Act is between a man and woman in the State of grace, between two beings who are body and soul. Homosexual practices, as inverted perversions of the Marital Act, profane the human person - body and soul - by mocking and degrading the the image that man is created in. It is a mockery of the Marital Act, which is a reflection of that perfect Unity of the Most Holy Trinity. God loves Unity: man and woman, then Family, then Nation, then Humanity. Through Baptism we are all unified, incorporated into the ONE Mystical Body of Christ. Homosexuality is a counterfeit of this Unity. Homosexuality is the Deceiver's act of "unity" with the demonic, with Lucifer. 

Homosexuality was given a huge boost when so-called Catholics began to profane the Marital Act. When Catholics rejected Humanae Vitae - nearly en masse - sexual revolution, perversion was the result. Contraception, abortion, sexual infidelity (and divorce) - all these sins lead straight to the abomination of homosexual perversion. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

BREAKING: Jesuit accuses Cardinal Zen of "hysterical outburst" as Vatican ramps up sellout to Communist Regime

"If we renounce our faith,
we will disappear and
there will not be a resurrection.
If we are faithful, we will still disappear,
but there will be a resurrection."
Bishop Ignatius Kung Pin Mei

The men who run the Vatican City State are doubling down on their betrayal of the Catholic Church in China - indeed, their betrayal of all of China. Do not Chinese people have a God-given right to live in true freedom, befitting children of God?

Permit me to introduce to you Fr. Michael Kelly, S.J.

Fr. Michael Kelly S.J., takes issue with Cardinal Zen. In an article published in the modernist, La Croix, Kelly proceeds to malign and insult, the saintly Prelate behind a mask of twisted and not comparable historical situations. 

Kelly writes:
Cardinal Zen not only needs to read a bit more history. He also needs to turn the emotional volume down. His “cops and robbers” narrative that he shouts at everyone who doesn’t agree with him – this writer included – does little more than encourage anyone listening to walk away from him.
Whatever he thinks he’s doing for the people he sees himself supporting, he isn’t doing them any good with his approach. The value of what he might contribute is lost in his hysterical outbursts against those he accuses of being evil.
It’s some claim to be speaking for half the Catholics in China when he has no actual evidence to support the assertion about people living in a country he hasn’t visited in over 20 years. Moralize all you like, but Cardinal Zen offers no path forward.

It is impossible that this hateful tirade against a senior Cardinal of the Catholic Church was not approved by Cardinal Parolin, the mastermind behind this sellout to Fascist-Bolshevism. As Parolin's pawn, Kelly trots out the difficulties that Catholic Church had with various States over the centuries. However, he conveniently forgets that when past popes were compromising with States, they were NOT approving of State promoted bishops who were schismatics, and tools of an atheistic tyranny. A HUGE difference. 

It is also incredible that Kelly is able to denounce in one breath the corrupt Alexander VI for his actions, yet defend the actions of the betrayal of the Catholic Church in China into the hands of the Red Terror. I might add, that for all of Alexander's grave sins, one of them was NOT betraying the Catholic Church into the hands of schismatics, controlled by a vicious totalitarian regime that murdered tens of millions of its citizens, and tortured and enslaved Catholics. This betrayal will go down in history as one of the most horrible attack on the Mystical Body of Christ. 

No mention of the Communist Party of China, No mention of tens of millions killed by Mao (compared to whom Stalin and Hitler were choirboys), no mention of the present evil regime, no mention of Chinese abortion, sterilization and contraception policy: NO! 

Kelly focuses his personal, spiteful attacks upon the long-suffering Cardinal Zen. Kelly even seems to question the evil of the Red Terror that runs China. He accuses Cardinal Zen of "hysterical outbursts against those he considers evil". Is Kelly implying the Cardinal is wrong, is Kelly implying the regime in China is not evil? It would seem so.

Finally, if a Pope committed an error or sinned in the past, are we to exonerate and whitewash a Pope in the present committing error and sinning? What kind of reasoning is this? Instead of condemning the cruel, un-Christian article, written to malign the saintly Chinese Prelate, Vatican stooge, Thomas Rosica, CSB has seen fit to re-tweet it. Disgusting and shameful, but sadly, not surprising. Pray for these deluded churchmen.

Truly, long-suffering Chinese Catholics are the glory of the Church. Now, they are being crucified again by the very men who should be defending Christ and His Church. 

As the Roman churchmen up their attacks upon Cardinal Zen, he joins Cardinal Mindszenty and Cardinal Slipyj who were also betrayed by the hands of sinful men. Great will be his reward in Heaven. 

For the full truth, please read the words of Cardinal Zen himself. You, dear readers, decide. 

Dear readers, please visit the Cardinal Kung Foundation for more truth as to what is going on in China. 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Pope Benedict XVI: "Let us look at Christ pierced on the Cross..."

This first Sunday in Lent, let us continue our meditations with the Popes. During this time of confusion, crisis - where temptations grow stronger and stronger to schism and heresy - let us remain serene and with the Church, our Mother. Let us remain at Her bedside, during Her suffering at the hands of evil, incompetent, foolish, and weak, cowardly men. 

Let us never, ever forget, nor be tempted towards thinking that Christ is not in charge of His Church, that He is allowing this purification to happen. The question is: when it is over, will we still be at the side of our Mother, the Church? Remain fast in your Faith, dear friends, do not allow Satan to sift you because of scandals, sin, outrages in the Church. 

Pope Benedict XVI, in his 2007 Lenten Message wrote: 

"Him whom they have pierced" 

Dear brothers and sisters, let us look at Christ pierced on the Cross! He is the unsurpassing revelation of God's love, a love in which eros and agape, far from being opposed, enlighten each other. On the Cross, it is God himself who begs the love of his creature: He is thirsty for the love of every one of us. 

The Apostle Thomas recognized Jesus as "Lord and God" when he put his hand into the wound of his side. Not surprisingly, many of the saints found in the Heart of Jesus the deepest expression of this mystery of love. One could rightly say that the revelation of God's eros toward man is, in reality, the supreme expression of his agape. In all truth, only the love that unites the free gift of oneself with the impassioned desire for reciprocity instils a joy which eases the heaviest of burdens. 

Jesus said: "When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself" (Jn 12: 32). The response the Lord ardently desires of us is above all that we welcome his love and allow ourselves to be drawn to him. 

Accepting his love, however, is not enough. We need to respond to such love and devote ourselves to communicating it to others. Christ "draws me to himself" in order to unite himself to me, so that I learn to love the brothers with his own love.

Tanya Granic Allen and LGBTory: "gay" activist group LIES about sex-ed Program in Ontario schools!

Tanya Granic Allen stares down the flip-flopping Christine Elliot after "outing" Elliot as supporting gender ideology legislation during "The Agenda" TV debate.
The militant homosexual activist group "LGBTory", is working hard to sideline PC Party Leadership candidate, Tanya Granic Allen

In their desperate efforts to do so, LGBTory have "outed" themselves as LIARS! 

The corruption of children has become an issue in Ontario much to the chagrin of the Liberals, the NDP, the PC Party (and its homosexual lobby - LGBTory). This issue - that so-called "conservatives" wished to be buried - has been raised not by chance, but by the sheer guts, strength and determined courage of Tanya Granic Allen. 

The Toronto Star quotes the LGBTory homosexual lobby:

“Contrary to inflammatory statements by some fringe activists, there is no mention of ‘six genders’ or anal intercourse anywhere in the document,” LGBTory said in a statement.

However, the Sex-ed document carries this to counter the LIES of the militant homosexual activists. 

Here is reference to the "six genders":

Here is the section for Grade 7 children, softening them up to indulge in illicit sexual activity, including oral and anal "sex": 

LGBTory has no problem in hoisting on children as young as 12 and 13 oral and anal "sex". 

Friday, 16 February 2018

Tanya Granic Allen easily wins first TV debate for PC Party Leader

Tanya Granic Allen: the debate Winner on TVO's "The Agenda"

PC Party Leader candidate, Tanya Granic Allen easily won the televised debate on "The Agenda", defeating three other candidates. The debate can be watched here. 

Catholics, Christians and principled people have an obvious choice before them: Tanya Granic Allen. 

Tanya is the only candidate who fought unremittingly against the sex-education program that was drawn up by a convicted pedophile and child pornographer.  

Tanya is not tainted with corruption, connections to powerful elites, and is not an opportunist, nor a flip-flopper. 

Tanya is a consistent, articulate and strong defender of children in the face of perverts seeking to corrupt them.

Tanya is honest and has common sense. A rarity these days. 

With Tanya's entrance into the race, she has single-handedly brought back the vile sex-education program into the debate, which the PC Party under the treacherous Patrick Brown (a man I did not support when other Catholics were telling me to join the Party and support him) threw in with "LGBTory", and ceased fighting the sex-ed program. Brown even marched in the obscene Toronto Gay Pride Parade (for three years running) with other members of "LGBTory". 

Elitist and LGBTory supporter, Caroline "I'm a Catholic" Mulroney 

What of the other three candidates? 

Doug Ford is a decent man, who stands out as an anti-Big Government and anti-Bay-Street-Elite crusader. A strike against him was his cowardice while on Toronto City Council in the face of homosexual aggression regarding the Gay Pride Parade. In backing down to the militant homosexuals, Ford lost my vote for Mayor. A Catholic may prudently consider Ford as a back-up to Granic Allen to offset greater evils (particularly as Granic Allen is pushing him in the right direction). 

Christine Elliot, is a former cabinet minister, but an opportunist and very weak on moral issues. Tanya exposed her during the debate as supporting a law that would prohibit parents from seeking medical help for children with transgender difficulties. Elliot is morally unacceptable for Leader for her deceitful sellout of parents and her silence on the sex-ed program. 

Caroline Mulroney, easily comes across as the weakest and worst candidate. Her appearances have so far been flat, ineffectual and lacking any dynamism. Robotic and stiff, she is totally unconvincing. Mulroney is also the insider Bay Street-Big-Money candidate.  But it gets far worse. Far, far worse. 

The biggest strike against her is that she is another so-called "Catholic", who supports the homosexualist agenda, and  just the other day flip-flopped on the sex-education program, when she saw that Doug Ford had joined Tanya Granic Allen call for the scrapping of the perversion of our children through sex-ed. If you are an "LGBT" agenda person and into gender ideology - she is your girl. If you like Bay Street elites and Big Money - she is doubly your girl. If you like the insider elites of the PC Party choosing the next Leader - she is triply your girl. Indeed, over the past few days and even hours, major "conservatives" are lining up behind her. A very bad sign. Mulroney is the second morally inadmissible candidate. 

Friends, please continue to support Tanya Granic Allen. For further information please visit here.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

St. Pope John Paul II: "Lent is a time for conversion..."

Dear friends, today marks Lent. Today, as Ash Wednesday, reminds us that we  are but brief sojourners on this little planet. Today, is a reminder that life is short and after this brief life, eternity. Either eternity with God  or in Hell with the Devil. 

Hell exists, it is real. SIn exists, it is real. Our beloved and "forgotten" Pope John Paul II wrote in 1987, "Lent is a time for conversion, a time for Truth which "makes us free" (cf. Jn 8:32). 

Let us, take to heart the words of the sainted Pope. Let us, during this Lent, during this ongoing crisis in the Church and the World, increase our charity for those who hate Christ; that is, to pray for these sinners, just as Our Lord did. Do we not remember the words of St. Stephen as he was being stoned to death by the faithless Jews?

This Lent should be marked by our prayers for Pope Francis, who desperately needs our prayers. Where one devil may tempt us, a thousand or ten thousand surround the Pope. 

This Lent should be marked with prayers for the conversion of sinners, but especially for Jews, Moslems and Freemasons. So too, we are bound to pray for the conversion and return of Protestants and Schismatics. In this, we follow the great St. Maximilian Kolbe. It is not mere coincidence that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI),  following this original charism of St. Maximilian, have suffered so much recently. 

Let us now, pray with our "forgotten" Pope, this Ash Wednesday. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“He has filled the hungry with good things, and has sent the rich away empty” (Lk 1:53).

These words, spoken by the Virgin Mary in her Magnificat, are at the same time a praise of God the Father and a call which each of us can take to heart and meditate upon during this Lenten season.

Lent is a time for conversion, a time for the Truth which “makes us free” (cf. Jn 8:32), since we cannot deceive the one who searches “the minds and the hearts” (Ps 7:9). In the presence of God our Creator, in the presence of Christ our Redeemer, in what can we take pride? What riches or what talents could give us a sense of superiority?

As for true riches, those which do not pass away, Mary teaches us that they come from God. We must long for them, we must hunger for them, putting aside what is artificial and passing, in order to receive these good things, and to receive them in abundance. Let us be converted, let us forsake the old leaven (cf. 1 Cor 5:7) of pride and of all that leads to injustice, contempt, and the thirst to possess for ourselves money and power.

If we recognize ourselves as poor in the presence of God - this being the truth, and not a false humility - we will have the heart of one who is poor, the eyes and hands of the poor, in order to share the riches which God has lavished upon us: our faith, which we cannot keep selfishly for ourselves alone; hope, which those deprived of everything need so much; and charity which makes us love the poor as God does, with a preferential love. The Spirit of Love showers upon us a thousand good things to be shared; the more we seek them, the more we shall receive them in abundance.

If we are truly those “poor in spirit” to whom the kingdom of heaven (cf. Mt 5:3) is promised, then our offering will be acceptable to God. Even the material offerings which are part of our Lenten observance are riches if they are made with the heart of one who is poor, because we are giving what we have received from God so that it may be distributed: we only receive so that we may give. Just as the young boy’s five loaves and two fishes were multiplied in the hands of Christ in order to feed the multitude, so will our offerings be multiplied by God for the poor.

Shall we come to the end of Lent with a conceited heart, full of our own importance, but with empty hands for others? Or led by the Virgin of the Magnificat, shall we find ourselves at Easter with the heart of one who is poor, starving for God, but with our hands filled with all God’s gifts to be distributed to the world which needs them so much?

“Give thanks to God for he is good; his steadfast love endures forever” (Ps 117:1).

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Franciscans Ramoncito Razon & Christian Seno oppose Catholic teaching on homosexuality: WHY?

Ramoncito Razon OFM of Holy Name Province, opposes the teaching of the Catholic Church. The above screenshot shows him, and others, mocking the Church's teachings that homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered" [CCC:2357], Razon and his associates seem to need reminding that "homosexual practices" [CCC:2396] are grave sins in violation of chastity [CCC:2358]. Are they not taught that by the priests of the Franciscan Holy Name Province?  

What should the Franciscans be teaching? They should be teaching the Mind of Christ, and not wandering off into the evils of "gay culture". In 1986, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under St. Pope John Paul II, published a Letter regarding pastoral care for those suffering from same-sex attraction. The future, Pope Benedict XVI wrote: 
Therefore special concern and pastoral attention should be directed toward those who have this condition, lest they be led to believe that the living out of this orientation in homosexual activity is a morally acceptable option. It is not...
...It is only in the marital relationship that the use of the sexual faculty can be morally good. A person engaging in homosexual behaviour therefore acts immorally...
To my knowledge, not once have any of these Franciscans written about the need for those with same-sex attraction to remain chaste. Fr. Z carries an excellent review of the life of Andy Warhol, who, though openly homosexual, strived to live chastely. Fr. Z also wrote one of the best articles I have ever read on homosexuality, the "queering of the Church", and how Catholics must reach out to those suffering from same-sex attraction. I cannot recommend this article enough. Please read it very carefully, here

Against this overview of the homosexualist movement within the Church, let us also once again review what the Popes have taught regarding admitting homosexuals, or those who promote the homosexual agenda into religious life, given we are discussing Franciscan postulants, who are promoters of "gay culture". 

In 2005, the Congregation of Catholic Education under Pope Benedict XVI, published an Instruction regarding those in seminaries who were practicing homosexuals, or men who suffered from same-sex attraction, or men who - for whatever reason - supported "gay-culture". 
In the light of such teaching, this Dicastery, in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called "gay culture."
"Gay-culture" is a very interesting ideological concept. Those in Holy Name Province, who promote this "gay-culture", reject the Catechism, and as such, are not acceptable for ordination to the sacred priesthood. Any ordination - if, the form is followed and the ordaining bishop does not tamper with words - would be valid, but it certainly would be illicit. 

Razon, and another Franciscan -  Christian Seno, OFM - came to my attention last year, due to their vicious Facebook exchange about, Courage,  the pro-chastity Church-approved organization for persons suffering from same-sex attraction. It should be noted that when this exchange was uncovered, they scrubbed it from Facebook. However, too little, too late. 

Here it is: 

Following this bizarre tirade against the wonderful "authentic pastoral programme" of Courage, I then delved into the dark, pro "LGBT" world of Holy Name Province. 

What I found was deeply troubling. I have since then written a number of posts on the dissenting militant homosexualism of Holy Name Province

Without repenting, Razon, Seno and especially those older Franciscans who encourage them, lie to them about the Church's beautiful teaching on chastity,  stand in danger of going to Hell. They - and other Franciscans of Holy Name Province should (even if they will not change) cease misleading others who suffer from same-sex attraction. Catholics must ensure that those suffering from same-sex attraction see the beauty of the Church's call for an "authentic pastoral programme" for those suffering this disorder. 

To conclude with the words of Fr Z:
Charity always seeks to the true good of the other, to the point of sacrificing one’s own preferences, or even life. To engage in homosexual acts isn’t love. It is a violation of friendship, not a sign of friendship, because it causes a friend to commit a sin that separates them from the love of God.

Please pray for those suffering from same-sex attraction. 

St. Charles Lwanga, pray for them. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Tanya Granic Allen for Ontario PC Party Leader!

Tanya Grancic Allen has declared her candidacy for the Progressive-Conservative Party of Ontario. She needs and deserves our support! Your support!

Tanya is the only candidate who takes the real issues seriously: that is, the issues of life, of respect for human rights, of respect for the human person - the most vulnerable (the disabled, the unborn, the elderly...)

This is a great opportunity for Ontarians to stand up. 

Tanya declared her candidacy on the Parents as First Educators (PAFE) website, a group dedicated to fighting for parents' rights against the pornographic and child-abuse riddled "sex education" programs being rammed into schools all across Ontario. Tanya is the ONLY candidate who stands full square against the abuse of children. 

Over the next few days, she will suffer a furious attack from the Media and various special interest groups, who all stand for sex-education (which was drawn up by a convicted pedophile and pornographer). 

The following two videos are an excellent introduction to the evils that are being imposed on children. Please watch and share these videos with your friends. 

Please support her: firstly, with your prayers, secondly, please carefully read her letter (see below) and respond with a generous heart! 

Ontarians, the future is in your hands!!

From Tanya Granic Allen

That’s it - I’m in. You’ve read that correctly. 
I’m stepping up my action and I’m running for Ontario PC Party Leader. Let me explain why. We have to make sure that the protest of parents across this province isn’t falling upon deaf ears. We have to make sure the social conservative voice is being respected. 
We need our message to be conveyed loudly and clearlyI’m not sure any of the three declared candidates are going to be that strong voice - at least not yet. I’ve always said that we need to get rid of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals. And you will remember my constant refrain: that the PC Party is not Patrick Brown’s property, and that sooner or later he would be gone. 
Well he’s finally gone!  
Now the PC Party needs a new leader - a leader who will STOP KATHLEEN WYNNE! 
...If the PC Party allows me, I promise I will stay in until the very end. I will not abandon this contest. I will not abandon you.

The FULL Letter can be read here. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Fr John O'Connor takes on the homosexuals in the Seminaries and Priesthood!

Fr. John O'Connor, was born in Chicago in 1929. Though he died in 2006, suspended and expelled from the Dominican Order for exposing homosexual activity and dissent, he is not forgotten. 

As the homosexual crisis increases in the Church - for example the ranking German Prelate, Cardinal Marx's declaration that the Church "bless" homosexual activity -  it is even more important than ever to study these prophetic talks by Fr. O'Connor. His warnings have been proven correct. A voice in the wilderness, he was dismissed as an "extremist". We now see the results of ignoring Fr. O'Connor. 

Here, we present three videos, dating back to the early 1990s. The videos could have been made yesterday, so far-seeing was Fr. O'Connor. 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The ongoing "queering" of NATO is essential to establishing a Fascist International Order

As the Catholic Church goes, so go the Nations. The Church's clergy, heavily infiltrated by homosexuals, is neutralizing the Catholic Church's once powerful voice opposing the terrible sin of sodomy. Just the other day we had a Cardinal propose that the Church "bless" individuals who wish to masturbate each other, and perform other demonic sexual acts together. This begs the question: does this same Cardinal engage in these acts, that he sees fit to "bless"? Certainly he sees such itrinsic evils as virtuous - otherwise, why "bless" them? 

We should therefore not be surprised that nation after nation, are falling further into a vicious neo-paganism. The promotion of "gay culture", the gender-ideology of "LGBT", is being used by very powerful, international forces who despise and hate Christ, and seek the destruction of His Church. These men, who use homosexuality as a cudgel against Christian civilization, know exactly what they are doing. They are - at the very top - Occultists, Luciferians, Satanists. It was just the other week that Mexican Cardinal Sandoval denounced the "gay liberation movement" as being driven by a highly financed, international elite, based in the New York and London.

History shows that sodomites, as they fall deeper and deeper into sin, enter the ever darker, satanic world of sado-masochism. That homosexuals were in the SS and Gestapo was a totally expected thing: what better job could a homosexual look for, than spending his days getting his perverse sexual kicks by torturing other men? So obvious was this homosexuality amongst the Nazi elite, that the Italians in the 1930s referred to it as "the German disease". The Brown Shirts were rife with sodomites. When disbanded, these sodomites simply joined the Gestapo and SS. Nazism was replete with a hyper-masculinized homosexual sub-culture. 

As I write, Canadians, Americans (and others) should prepare for a military that will one day be controlled by this international elite. To control these militaries, homosexuals will be placed in high positions of authority. With sodomites in control, the few remaining Christian will (and are) being driven out. 

In Canada, we just had the horror of two lesbians getting "married" on a Royal Canadian Air Force jet.

In the United States, we have just had the horror of two sodomites getting "married" at West Point, replete with a "dis" honour guard. 

Sodomites too are being promoted into the nomenclature. This is very sinister.  For example, Richard Grenell, a former diplomat, and high ranking Republican, is the nominee for US Ambassador to Germany. He is a practicing sodomite. His sin cries to Heaven for Vengeance. 

God will not be mocked. Be prepared.